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About Nekpus

          NEKPUS has been devoting to provide device programmers and programming / testing solutions with reliable quality at reasonable price. Established on 2003, after years of hardworking, through excellent quality and comprehensive service, NEKPUS have distributed its products over 10 countries and have secured a very high market share worldwide. Products range cover Engineering, Production Programmers, a variety of Automated Device Programming Systems and Lead / Marking Inspection Systems. NEKPUS is one of the market leaders regarding to Device Programming Equipments.

         NEKPUS has kept very closed relationships with world-class IC manufactures, IC Design Houses, IC Channels and OEM / ODM / EMS’s. From them NEKPUS has been requested to design, produce, and provide various of dedicated device programming / testing solutions and NEKPUS has accumulated abundant experiences and excellent reputation as well. In order to meet the huge demands on device programming from electronic products manufacturers, NEKPUS established new business to provide programming / testing service since 2008. Not only covering NAND / NOR Flash、MCU、Logic and Mixed Signal devices.    

         NEKPUS has been devoting in R&D all the time, with self-reliant technology and enormous in-house automated equipments, NEKPUS is capable to satisfy the strict requirements in both quality and volume usually been requested by outsourcing customers. NEKPUS has the strength to help customers reducing its cost to remain competitive.

  • 27

    Ultra-high speed stand-alone universal device programmer…


  • 26

    •SOIC, SOP 8 - 90 pins
    •PLCC 20 - 84 pins...


  • 25

    A high performance programmer for both engineering & production...

  • 21

    The iProg800S Programmers are affordable, reliable, and fast universal device programmers...

  • 16 samsung

    •TSOP 28 - 56 pins
    •and hundreds more...

  • 15 yageo

    •QFN 8 - 100 pins
    •TSOP 28 - 56 pins...

  • 8 nxp

    •SOIC, SOP 8 - 90 pins
    •PLCC 20 - 84 pins...

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